adidas Compression Arm Sleeves white on model
adidas Compression Arm Sleeves Black on model


Combining performance and comfort, adidas Compression Sleeves are designed for both training and competition; allowing airflow through the elasticated structure to keep you cool through the toughest sessions.

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adidas can support you to be at your best, inside and outside the gym. Whether you are looking to get stronger, reach your fitness goals, or recover after a tough training session, these products provide the comfort and versatility you are looking for.
From fitness equipment to recovery items, adidas offers various products to help you move and prepare for your next workout.

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Boost your strength and athletic performance, wherever you are with adidas fitness products.

  • Spice up your home setup: Bring home your gym capabilities with the adidas door gym, perfect for multiple variations of upper body training.
  • Get a solid foundation: Ground exercise calls for support and stability. adidas fitness mats feature a lightweight design, padded cushioning, and ridged texture for a comfortable and steady workout.
  • Power up your strength: Deepen your reps to enhance your push-up game with the adidas push-up bars. Fire up your core one rollout at a time with the ab wheel. Or tone your upper and lower body on the go with resistance tubes.
  • Browse these and many more items in adidas Fitness.
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Recharge your batteries before your next activity adidas Recovery Products.
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adidas fitness and recovery accessories focus on matching your athletic needs and creating change—all while keeping sustainability and world impact in mind. These innovative designs bring us together and inspire us to be more active, move better, and restore faster.
adidas products are for athletes of all levels, beginners and pros alike. For those who play sports and those who focus on strength or high-intensity training. For those who prefer low-intensity exercises and core integrity. And for those who value rest and recovery to be back in full force for their next workout!